Friday, 14 June 2013

Principles – Recording- social Group Work

Principles – Recording

Lindsay has suggested the following basic principles of recording:

The principle of Flexibility
The acceptance of this principle means that the group worker records as a disciplined professional. As the nature and objectives of the agency and the group change, the worker records accordingly and give emphasis on the other aspects

The principle of selection
Everything should not be recorded in the group work recording. The worker records significant observations about individuals and their interactions. He selects from the movement of the group, behavioural patterns of individual, his own enabling contributions and skills and techniques applied in the group processes.

The principle of Readability
The most important aspect is to keep the record as simple as possible in form, in language, in length. Records must have face sheet, presenting a brief outline of the factual data. If records are detailed, brief summaries should be prepared. In describing individuals, verbatim quotations should be written. Records should be written systematically.

The principle of confidentiality
One of the basic principles of recording in all social work is that records are written on the premise that they will be held in confidence. If records are used for other purpose such as training, all names and other identifying information need to be carefully obscured, with fictitious ones substituted. Records should be kept in lockup.

The principle of worker acceptance
The worker should take up this responsibility as one of his important assignment. He should realize that this work is as much important as other responsibilities.

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