Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Role conflict – Basic concept- Social Case Work

Role conflict – Basic concept

In complex society the individual needs high level of adaptability to fulfil the numerous roles. He is supposed to perform different types of roles every day. He may feel difficulty in doing so because of the lack of training or knowledge or skill and thus conflict occurs within the person himself. On other occasions conflict occurs when there is refusal or inability to conform to the expectations inherent in status and role. Conflict may also arise when a person has not had adequate opportunity to learn the roles. Sudden a new situation also bring conflict in the performance of the roles.

When a person’s feelings and ideal of himself are compatible with each other and with the social reality, and when he is clear about permissions and obligations, his role is a source of gratification and of expansion of his personality. If he feels satisfaction in performing a major role as of father/mother/husband, it becomes possible for him to learn or struggle with frustration in other aspects of his life. But when he fails or feels disturbances and barriers in the social outlets, some degree of frustration is experienced by him resulting in self-devaluation.

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